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Massages du Monde

Stressed ? Overworked ? Longing for relaxation ? Rediscover well-being and harmony of both body and mind thanks to Massages du Monde. You need to relax , to let go and dispel emotional block which spoil your life ?
I come to your place ( 06, 83, from Mandelieu to Monaco) for an ayurvedic indian massage abhyanga with essential oils, a californian massage, a chinese one, a Deep Tissue or a foot reflexology session. These treatments last between 1h and 1.30 according to your needs and expectations.
Genuine and unambiguous work.
Serious inquiries only.


We come to your home.


We intervene in your hotel.


We move to your yacht in the dock.


We intervene at your place of work.


Discover our whole range of massages, from the Californian to the Deep Tissue.


Access' Bars Consciousness®

Experience this simple body therapy which changes the world : Access' Bars Consciousness® is a soft approach which enables to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, decisions and beliefs that may limit you in your life.



It is an ancient healing and preventive technique used by numerous cultures (Egyptian, Indian, Chinese...)


Bon cadeaux massage cannes